If only TRON: Legacy had lightened up a bit. There's potential for the actors—and, more importantly, the audience—to have a blast inside this computerized world. But the film is intent on matching its sleek visuals to a heavy-handed story.

Instead of feeling liberated within the world of TRON: Legacy, viewers are more likely to feel suffocated, or, at a running time exceeding two hours, simply exhausted. If there's a future TRON film, it needs more careful crafting at the script stage to match the efforts put into its special effects.


  • Language/Profanity:  Brief profanity, including "da--it. "

  • Alcohol/Drugs:  Beer consumption; a scene in a bar includes drinking and come-ons; a character orders "libations for everybody."
  • Sex/Nudity:  A male's bare back shown while putting on a shirt.
  • Violence/Crime:  High-speed chase; a fall from a construction beam; a disfigured face reveals circuitry beneath the skull; characters in the game disintegrate when hit; vehicle collisions; fights; explosions; a character is kicked and has an arm broken off; a nightclub is destroyed with at least two people inside of it; a guard is punched; a man is grabbed by the throat; gunfire.
  • Religion/Morals:  Kevin says Alan was on the cusp of changing everything, including science and religion; Kevin appears to be meditating; he teaches about "the art of selflessness" and accuses his son of messing with his "Zen thing"; characters are said to have discovered gods, spirits and intelligences beyond our own; talk of a digital frontier that will reshape the human condition; talk of a "false deity" and a "selfish creator" who enslaves his creatures. 

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