Using Zuckerberg's compromised ascent to the "status" of Youngest Billionaire Ever as a parable, The Social Network asks a broader question of us about the Web site he founded: does Facebook offer true connection or false validation?  The answer lies, as with all things, not in the amoral device being used but rather in the souls that use it.


  • Drugs/Alcohol Content:  Party scenes where alcohol (both as drinks and shots) are consumed, as are drugs (from bongs to lines of coke).  More benign drinking occurs in bars.

  • Language/Profanity:  Though not pervasive, most profanities are used—including one f-word.  Others include the usual suspects: a few variations of the a-word, b-word, and s-word, as well as a couple uses of the Lord's name in vain.   A lewd word for male genitals.

  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  No nudity, but women strip down to their underwear at parties.  Two couples go to bathroom stalls, begin to strip, and then from outside the stalls sex is briefly heard/assumed.  Oral sex is implied off-frame but not literally seen.  Conversations that include discussions of sex and sexual dialogue.  Provocative dancing, kissing, and making out at parties, close physical intimacy.  A woman gets out of bed in her underwear.

  • Violence/Other:  One person flips both middle fingers at someone.


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