CAUTIONS (may contain spoilers):

  • Language: Audiences can expect to hear vulgar words in almost every conversation, A man mispronounces “poinsettias” as “porn-settas”, D—n, H—l, and A-s are common, one or two racial slurs.
  • Sexuality: Tyler Perry dresses in drag to play Madea, Madea makes several veiled references to sex, lingerie is discussed, a few references to human anatomy, Viagra is mentioned, a husband and wife are shown in bed, two characters have eloped, brief discussion of adultery, a joke about trying to milk a male cow.        
  • Violence: In true fashion, Madea makes outlandish threats of violence, a little girl is tied up to a cross but the scene is played for humor, men fight briefly, a woman threatens to cut off another woman’s finger, a car crash is shown but there are no fatalities, some scenes of bullying.   
  • Drugs/Alcohol: References to marijuana, moonshine and beer are briefly consumed. 
  • Religion/Morals:Despite a lot of crude content, A Madea Christmas actually has a rather bold Christian message. Many characters are Christian and very open with their faith. Christmas is seen as a time to remember the birth of Jesus, strong themes of forgiveness and redemption, bullying and racism are gently explored with the end message being that God makes and loves everyone, Madea tries to recite the Christmas story with humorous results, a boy says that you shouldn’t judge people on appearance, the same boy later sings the Christmas carol “Mary Did You Know”, nativities are seen, brief (and humorous) references to the KKK, a corporation tries to censor religious content.

*Posted 12/13/13