“Barnyard” is a beautifully animated and well directed movie, and no doubt there will be little barnyard figures of all these quirky, memorable animals in the fast food restaurants in no time.  The characters are fun, and the interaction between animals and humans is delightful. Especially entertaining is a car-chase sequence where the cows are out joy riding in a car they “borrowed” from some cranky humans, and the police are chasing them.

The voice talents of Kevin James and Courteney Cox (the love interest cow) are very entertaining, and the music score is very moving and fitting.  Best of all, the story is solid, and the lessons are clear without being preachy.

Besides it being an animated movie where animals come to life, there are other elements that draw upon the “willing suspension of disbelief.”  There is the aforementioned problem of udders on male cows, but there are also constant portrayals of the animals drinking … milk.  The party cows look like it’s making them drunk, too!  Another hmm. ...

Overall, though, the movie is sweet and fun, and appropriate for all ages, but parents should be cautioned that very small children who might be scared by the vicious coyotes. 

AUDIENCE:  Children and adults


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  None.
  • Language:  None, though there are a few lightly crass comments and some scatological humor.
  • Sex:  None.
  • Violence:  Light, slapstick, cartoon violence. Farmer gets kicked by donkey – several times, and passes out; cows steal a car and go joy-riding; chickens throw darts at Colonel Sander’s picture, etc.