Of course, Ben’s roomies are always around with their vulgar “advice.” The issues surrounding pregnancy and childbirth can allow for some pretty tasteless jokes. And in the case of Knocked Up, the glibness of the title speaks volumes. What could have been a charming comedy about "putting off childish things" is lost in a sea of dirty jokes.

AUDIENCE: Adults (AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please don’t write to Crosswalk and complain that you took your kids to see this movie because it is “pro-life” and has an overall positive message. Read the cautions below and take them seriously.)


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Drinking in club and restaurant scenes. Ben and his friends smoke a lot of marijuana throughout the film. And while those around him question how fit a parent he will be because of it, the pot smoking is not condemned. At one point Alison tells him “that’s just who you are and that’s ok.” Ben and Pete take hallucinogenic mushrooms on a trip to Las Vegas.
  • Language/Profanity: A great abundance of raunchy language. More, in fact, than any reasonable person could inventory. Every profane and offensive word you’ve ever heard, many, many times over. There was so much profanity and so many disturbing sex jokes that it must have been difficult to cut the trailer. Graphic discussion of what happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy and childbirth. Vulgar jokes about birth control, menstruation, gynecology, pregnancy sex, pornography, flatulence . . . the list goes on. Several scenes where people scream at one another.
  • Sex/Nudity: There are two sex scenes with Ben and Alison with no nudity per se, but both are graphic and leave little to the imagination. Pete and Ben go to a strip club and get lap dances from topless dancers. When an earthquake hits, Ben, his roommates, and their girlfriends all run out of the house in various states of undress. Ben and friends are developing a website that catalogs nudity in film. Several times throughout the movie you see them watching nude scenes on TV and talking about them crudely. Ben’s friends pantomime sex while he is on the phone with Alison. Several disturbing shots of the baby “crowning” during childbirth played for gross-out laughs.
  • Violence: Ben and his friends wrestle and pummel each other during some “American Gladiator” style games they play.