• Language/Profanity:  "Good G-d!"; "d-mn."
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  Cigar and pipe smoking; wine is poured and consumed; men drink to their allegiance; a ship captain is said to drink like a fish.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Woman shown taking off a towel; we see only her upper back; Holmes is shown naked, cuffed to a bed, with a pillow covering his groin area; Holmes removes Watson's belt and says, "Don't get excited"; Holmes says he's woken up before in handcuffs, naked.
  • Violence/Crime:  Guns are loaded and fired; a man with a dagger is restrained from committing violence; a bare-knuckles brawl in a ring between two men; body blows are shown in slow motion, with voiceover narration describing the science behind why the wounds are particularly crippling; a jail guard writhes on the ground, apparently possessed; a man is hanged, accused of the deaths of multiple women; Holmes leaps out of a high window; a woman puts a knife to a man's neck and fights off his accomplice; a corpse in a coffin is shown with maggots on his face; frog dissection shown; multiple electric shocks are given; a man drowns; a man fires a gun, bursts into flame and falls out a window; pig carcasses are sawed in half, and a woman nearly suffers the same fate; a tripwire triggers several explosions; a neck wound is shown up close; fingers are cut and blood drips as part of ceremony; a kick to the groin; a headbutt; Holmes appears to have hanged himself but turns out to be studying how to appear to hang oneself without actually doing it; a corpse is shown by a sewer.
  • Gambling:  A brief reference to Watson's fondness for gambling and to his claim that he's reformed.
  • Marriage:  Watson is engaged and worries that Holmes may prevent his nuptials; Holmes tells a woman he's just met that, based on the details of her appearance, she's between husbands.
  • Religion:  Blackwell reads from Revelation and promises spiritual chaos; later, after his death, a man claims to have seen him walking in the cemetery resurrected; drawings on a wall include religious imagery; a palm-reader reads a man's palm; a man exclaims, "Blackwood lives, and devil walks with him!" and another says, "Blackwood's come back from hell and laid a curse upon this land"; a member of a secret society, the Temple of the Four Orders, speaks of their "faith" and of Blackwood's conception during one of their religious rituals, as well as of supernatural powers that were enhanced through Blackwood's killing of several women; Holmes says he finds modern religion "troubling"; Blackwood claims Revelation 1:18 as speaking about himself; "the devil's due a soul," a character explains; a man falls to his death.