Since Edward lived in a time when women were courted by their suitors, and sex was typically reserved exclusively for marriage, he wants to wait until the wedding night—something that Bella reluctantly agrees to because Edward offers no alternative. And while his reasons for abstaining aren't exactly faith-related, it definitely sets a better example for The Twilight Saga's largely younger demographic than your typical sexed-up teen flicks and sitcoms—a nice surprise in a pop culture phenomenon that's not about to go away any time soon.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: No social drinking or drug use. Meds are administered to Jacob when he's in a great deal of pain.

  • Language/Profanity: Very minor profanity—a couple uses of as-, hel- and dam-.

  • Sex/Nudity: The "some sensuality" refers to some steamy kisses exchanged between Edward and Bella and [SPOILER ALERT] Bella and Jacob. When Bella's dad warns her that she and Edward need to be "safe," Bella is embarrassed and eventually reveals that she's still a virgin. Her dad, of course, is rather pleased with the news and likes Edward a little better as a result. But Bella (once again) is hoping that she and Edward will have sex, something that Edward says won't happen until they are married. His reason for waiting is because in the era he lived in, men courted their women, and sex simply wasn't part of the equation.

  • Values: A high premium is put on marriage. Not only is sex reserved for marriage, but when Bella asks her dad if he thinks the institution is still valuable, even though he's divorced, he definitely agrees that it is, citing the happiness of Bella's mom in her second marriage.

  • Violence: This is by far, the most intense—and dark—movie of The Twilight Saga. It's still nowhere in the vicinity of TV's True Blood, but it's definitely more violent than its predecessors. With a clan of newborn vampires on the loose (they are assembled by Victoria to exact revenge on the Cullens because they killed her mate, James, when he was threatening Bella), the death toll has been climbing in the Seattle area, due to the newbie's insatiable need for human blood. We see the human victims getting attacked (a bite is all it takes) and eventually, their "change" into vampires. A couple of extended fight scenes feature the decapitation of vampires (and their eventually burning, the only way they'll truly be dead for good). When Victoria and Edward fight each other, Bella cuts herself to distract Victoria with the scent of her blood. Jane, the most sadistic member of royal vampires the Volturi, plays mind games with a newborn vampire (who was just a young girl before becoming immortal) before having her killed because she was planning to kill the Cullen vampires, per Victoria's directive.

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