Jason:  Absolutely! Just let me know when and where, and I'll see if it fits my schedule!

12. mrsjasondunn asks:  What's the craziest/best fan experience you've ever had?

Jason:  I can't think of one particular story. There have been plenty though!

13. fluffmonkey asks:  Do you have Bible studies with your band and maybe with other bands?

Jason:  Yes! We try our hardest to make it our main priority to study the Word of God every day on the road. Sometimes it gets monotonous, and we can't all get together, so sometimes we'll have to just do devotions individually.

14. MyGodIsEnough asks:  How do you come up with your album titles? You have some creative ones. Do you always try to incorporate a meaning into the title that is reflective of the album's theme?

Jason:  Yes! We always have a theme before we go into the creative process. The titles usually just fall into place naturally after all is said and done.

15. hannahlilracecar asks:  What is the heart and the purpose behind what you do everyday?

Jason:  Our heart and our purpose is to be like Jesus.

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