8. Speaking of Amy…
Bart says the band is thrilled that Amy Grant and Bebo Norman will be joining its upcoming tour. “Obviously she could headline her own tour, but she told us she believed in what we were doing and just wanted to be a part of it,” he says.

7. Perhaps they were confusing God with a genie?
When rain threatened to cancel a radio station’s outdoor event featuring Sugar Ray, SmashMouth, Hilary Duff and MercyMe, the radio folks asked Bart to perform a meteorological miracle since the band “had a hotline to God.” Bart laughed, then realized they were serious. He said he would see what he could do but reports that the rain continued.

6. Interesting math
Robby says the last two albums sound “10 times better” than previous albums because they had “36 tracks to record with [on the record], compared to 70 or 80.” However, he affirms, “The spirit they were written with and the message that we try to portray has always remained the same.”

5. American Music Awards pre-pre-show
The band inadvertently arrived so early at the Shrine Auditorium that the crew was still setting up cameras. “Rather than being complete dorks, we had the driver drive around for about 45 minutes,” admits Robby. Adds Nathan: “People looked at us a little funny when we got out of the limo and walked across the street just to go to McDonald’s for milkshakes.”

4. Picture perfect
While on the red carpet, Jim’s wife, Misti, introduced herself to Randy Owens, lead singer of 22-time AMA winners Alabama, by saying they shared a home state. When the Fort Payne Four learned she was with MercyMe, they said they loved “I Can Only Imagine” and asked if they could have their picture taken together.

3. They’ve got mail
Since their exposure skyrocketed, so has their fan mail. “Before 'Almost There,' we received a ton of mail. Now it’s like 20 tons — give or take a ton,” estimates Bart.

2. Words to live by
“It’s easy to substitute your time on stage or ministering for your personal time with God, [but] it’s easier to find time [to be quiet with God] if you’re looking for it,” Robby observes. Adds Bart, “When your life is to sing and talk about God, you had better find time to actually talk with God.”

1. Undone’s almost done
The guys are currently putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album, "Undone" (INO), working again with producer Pete Kipley (Plus One, Rebecca St. James), who Mike lauds for “bringing a new level of creativity and a fresh look at the music.” Bart suggests the songs lean toward the rock edge of their live performances since “we’re already the poster child of AC [adult contemporary].”

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