10. New beats in an old house
Although you might expect Toby to live in a high-tech crib, his home is old -- really old. It was built in 1846 and used in the Battle of Franklin during the Civil War as headquarters for General John M. Schofield of the Union Army.

9. Dreaming of duos
Being a solo artist is working fine for Toby these days; but if he could collaborate, who would he choose? “Mary Mary would be hot. The Police reunion tour, maybe? Bob Marley, but let us not forget Lauryn Hill.”

8. Slammin’ on the court
Toby plays on Gotee’s basketball team, where he counts his primary strength as “knowing when to pass the ball. Of course at 5’9’’ my rebounding skills are off the chain. Oh yeah, I’m known for my triple-doubles … at Starbucks.”

7. That next record
“All I can tell you is I ‘like’ too much. I want to pursue every thought I have and turn it into a song. Eclectic’s an understatement. Diverse City, baby, loud and clear.”

6. MacWrite
Want to approach songwriting like Toby? Here’s how: “I always write choruses first. For me, the hook is instant. From there, it’s all work. I write hooks in five minutes and verses in five months.”

5. Time machine
If he could travel back to the start of his career, what would today’s tobyMac tell Toby McKeehan? “Don’t put out anything for public consumption until "Free at Last" (ForeFront). Until then practice, write, practice, write and figure out who you are. Growing up artistically in front of everyone was kinda fun, though.

4. Jumpin’ with Jerry
One of dc talk’s first shows was at a barbecue in Liberty University President Jerry Falwell’s backyard. Toby reports, “He was bouncin’ in his ‘Jesus First’ lapel pin.”

3. In the Year 2024
Twenty years from now, Toby imagines he’ll be “watching Marlee’s final show on her world tour, seeing Moses get drafted by the NFL and being a parishioner at Tru-dog’s church. But, for real, hopefully Amanda and I will be doing Kingdom work somewhere.”

2. In Good Company
Over the years, Toby has been excited to meet Bono, Billy Graham, Sting, Mel Gibson, “and, of course, Loverboy on their reunion tour in a hotel elevator last summer.”

1. Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Web
Recently, while surfing the Internet, Toby discovered “that I’m a wicked guitarist … and I wanted desperately to believe it.”

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