Alvaro Lopez & Res-Q Band -- The Project

Plus One, Stacie Orrico, True Vibe and many other Christian artists are prevalent today as alternatives to mainstream acts like Britney, N*SYNC, and Backstreet. But what about the Latin mainstream arena covered by people like Santana? Well, ladies and gentlemen, look no further! Alvaro Lopez is here with a big sound and a big message.

Taking a backseat and letting his band and friends ride shotgun, Alvaro produces and delivers a great musical offering. High album points go to the energetic opener, Life Is Short, the heavy effects of Lift Me Up, and the smooth worship of I Want To Live.

So, the final word ... Solve this equation:

Santana sound + smooth beats + gospel message = The Alvaro Lopez Project

In a phrase: Alvaro Lopez presents us with his personal production triumph: "The Project.

GRADE: A minus (A-)

Review by the J Man