Artist:  Anberlin
Title:  Lost Songs
Label:  Tooth & Nail

Less than a year after the release of Cities, a collection of B-sides called Lost Songs has become available to the public. This compilation of songs reveals a lighter and poppier side of the band not easily found in past albums.

Covers of Bob Dylan, Radiohead and Depeche Mode (among others) find a hit and a miss. “Like a Rolling Stone” (Dylan) lacks any sort of creativity, sounding much like a manufactured bubblegum version of a landmark song birthed by rock & roll—not something to take lightly. However, “Enjoy the Silence” (Depeche Mode) is thoroughly pleasing, closer to the industrial disco/aggressive formula that Anberlin so uniquely concocts.

Ultimately, Lost Songs is a personal gift to the fans of Anberlin. The different sound and mood of the record fits perfectly, a diverse “conversation” if you will, between Anberlin and the audience. For the avid fan, this album is a must-have. For the passerby? Listen to your buddy’s copy.


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