Andrew:  How has the band evolved from a spiritual standpoint?

Tim:  Funny how you say “evolved.” When I was coming up listening to music being made by Christians seven or eight years ago, I watched bands be very vocal about their faith early in their careers, only to “tone it down” as they achieved more success. That always bothered me—like they changed who they were to get “bigger.”

We have always taken the opposite approach. We wanted to make music that was the best it could be and build a solid reputation as musicians and songwriters by going through legitimate channels. Then, if we could earn people’s respect, we could share our beliefs in such a way so it would be received more openly. We are more outspoken about our faith now than we ever have been before.

I definitely feel like there is an intelligent way to present what you believe. We just want to be smart and not alienating. There are a lot of Christians who turn people off, and there is a right way and a wrong way to portray faith.

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Andrew Schwab is lead vocalist and lyricist for the band Project 86. He is also the author of three books, as well as an independent journalist. Visit him online at and

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