Artist:  Audio Adrenaline
Title:  "Until My Heart Caves In"
Label:  Forefront

Audio Adrenaline has always been one of the real workhorses of Christian rock. With the losses of such stalwart arena-pleasers as dc Talk, Petra and Whiteheart, and with so many of the young, here-today-gone-tomorrow Johnny rock bands that come and go, the boys of Audio A keep on going – touring, ministering to and rocking youth groups everywhere.

Following a recording hiatus, Audio A returns with "Until My Heart Caves In," the band’s ninth studio effort. Teaming with producer Jay Joyce, whose credits include The Wallflowers and Macy Gray, the result is a sinewy brand of modern rock, one that ranges from moments of dreamy pop to high-energy rock anthems. It’s a fresh take on the band’s classic sound, and one that will certainly turn some heads.

Lyrically, the group has never been one for deep songwriting – theological or otherwise – but longtime fans will be glad to know that "Until My Heart Caves In" is a likable collection of simple, fist-pumping anthems that should connect particularly with youth groups.

“Clap Your Hands” and “Until My Heart Caves In” is a (forgive the pun) adrenaline-charged, one-two punch about pushing oneself to the limits and never giving up. “You Are My King” is both a big rock chorus and heartfelt worship song. “Are You Ready For Love?” marries a bittersweet melody to a call to reach out to the orphans and the widows in Jesus’ name. “Undefeated” is a rocker which will surely connect with live audiences (verily demanding that you sing along).

A delightful surprise is a remake of the ’60s chestnut “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher.” The members of Audio A capture the bounce of the original but somehow give it a modern rock sheen that’s very cool and up-to-date. (Not to mention, in the context of the whole album, the song’s vague spirituality becomes that much more pointed.)

In the end, Audio A does a fine job of bringing to the table what has pleased fans for almost 15 years. More important, this is a fresh sound that proves Mark Stuart and his cohorts aren’t going away anytime soon.

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