Mark Stuart (vocals):  “I think the whole record is about that very question you asked and how you stay passionate. I think it’s a choice. If we just allowed our emotions to dictate where the band was going to go, we would’ve broken up 12 years ago or something (laughs). I think it’s a conscious effort to say, ‘We are saints, and we are called to a higher calling.’ We are not perfect people by any means, and when I say “saints,” I’m not saying we’re perfect. But we are called to a high standard of having something to do and doing it with all of our hearts.”

CCM:  Your records have always been pretty straightforward about your faith. Have you ever been at a point where you just wanted to make a record full of really fun songs instead?

Mark:  I definitely think our label pushes us to do stuff like that -- or different people. But this time, our label just said ‘Go and sing about where you are.’ Some of the songs are fun; but some are more serious. For us, it’s fun to make a record that’s really honest -- that’s when music becomes fun again.”

CCM:  How do you continue to stay enthusiastic about your faith when you have to go out, play your music every night and encourage people because that’s what they expect from you?

Mark:  “I think we all have to realize that God works in spite of us. We could show up, be on fire for the Lord and have a terrible show. Or we could show up with a lot of baggage and really be completely empty, and God does miracles. We are tools, and God uses us however He wants. But I do think it’s important to make intentional investments into your own heart and spiritual wellbeing so that you have something to offer."

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