On Beautiful World, Take 6 tries hosting a different kind of faith music celebration.   For the first time in 10 albums, instruments other than the human voice were invited.   This gathering spins just right.


As for the invited guest instruments, one lone virtuoso plays almost all of them, temporarily morphing Take 6 into Take 6-plus-one:   co-producer Marcus Miller fits as if he’d been with the sextet since its debut.


Grammy winner Miller also aided in finalizing a daring song list.   Originally planned as a trove of jazz treasures, Beautiful World wound up including timeless soul/R&B (Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s in Need of Love Today”), street-corner twilight prayers (“Wade on the Water”), brainy pop-jazz (the hushed anguish of “Fragile", from Sting), and Curtis Mayfield’s loving spiritual warning, “People Get Ready.”   Take 6 also gives one of the CD’s sweatiest, joy-making performances on the voices-only worship of “Peace in the Valley.”