Part of starting over includes looking back. And as Roy expresses, for the men of Building 429, “to define a career is to continue to be steadfast in doing what we do and not to disappear—not to hang it up when things get tough.”

When the sales are slacking and P&L’s force career momentum, a less durable band would have already thrown in the towel. But realizing life is not a simple connect-the-dots diagram, Roy personally understands, “It’s a hard place when you lose complete control over everything in your life.

“I think this record is a control freak record. I think it’s for everybody out there who is taught that if they have their life lined up, they work really hard, Point A and Point B are on the map five years out and they spend all their time working toward those things; then as long as they do the right things, in five years they’ll arrive.”

A self-proclaimed “control freak,” Roy has learned to relinquish command, discovering the greater peace of letting go in surrender. “I think that place where we end and God begins, that’s the place God would have us be. That’s the place this record comes from.”

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**This interview first published on November 28, 2008.