Artist:    Building 429
Label:   Word

If you’ve listened to Christian radio in the past few months, chances of hearing “Glory Defined” by Building 429 were good. Its debut single dominated the charts for weeks, stretching from the release of its EP to the release of its full-length record, "Space in Between Us." Too often, a single that hot means an album full of lukewarm leftovers. But that’s not the case here. Instead, the band offers 11 more tasty morsels.

The band’s name, a shortened reference to “building others up according to their needs” as stated in Ephesians 4:29, is reflected throughout songs which address Christ’s love and grace toward His children. Each track tackles the theme of falling short of His glory and yet being welcomed back with open arms. In “Back to Me,” lead singer Jason Roy sings “This twisted road eventually is gonna lead you back to me,” in the chorus and ends the song with the hopeful “I’m gonna lead you home.”

The title track is just unspecific enough to allow for crossover to mainstream success: “All I really want to do is to fall into the emptiness that is the space in between us, erase it and bring us together again.”

Although the songs can easily be categorized into rock anthems (“Glory Defined,” “Back to Me”), mid-tempo pop (“Above It All,” “Ever Wanted”) and ballads (“Shadow of Angels,” “No One Else Knows”), they are expertly written and tightly performed. It’s apparent that these musicians had significant experience before getting signed, and they’ve got the pattern for writing memorable music down pat. The vocals are reminiscent of Vertical Horizon, and the guitar solos carry a hint of former Grammatrain glory; but it all comes off sounding fresh and relevant. Overall, "Space In Between Us" is a welcome contribution.

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