Many such lessons can be taught through worship, says Bragg. "When you are focusing on the qualities and characteristics of God, that's where a lot of things that need to be said can be said."


Although it's now considered trendy to do a worship album, Bragg says he doesn't think worship should be trendy. "We have some important things to address in doing a worship album and with the lyrics. A lot of people get the wrong idea about what worship is and what worship means."


Buell explains that the direction of each album ultimately is determined by The Potter himself.  "Honestly, not to sound super spiritual, but it's what God decides. The records and the way the tour's going to go, we plan it, but it always takes on a life of its own and it's way out of our hands.  It's spooky the way it comes together. He's in control of this and what will come, we'll follow."


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