Perhaps some day we will read a story about this young band in this very magazine. Remember, one thing leads to another. So ask, “What if?” Give, connect, dream, pray. There are no neutral choices in the story of God, people and place.

Art House

Stories of good art-making involve community. Artists don’t grow in a void. This being true, who are you encouraging to grow as an artist? What help are you giving to the development of young people and the arts? Every follower of Jesus ought to be working to make this a more beautiful, interesting and God-honoring world. The arts have a unique role in this good work. Give careful consideration to your ways. Don’t forget to dream well for the world. This will mean becoming a person who takes “What if?” very seriously. Give your time, talent and resources away. The world and the art you inherit will never be better than the collective, human vision for it. Do your part.

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Charlie Peacock is an artist, producer, author and teacher. Both his album, "Full Circle: A Celebration of Songs and Friends" (Sparrow), and his book, "New Way to Be Human" (WaterBrook), released this year.

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