“Hopefully we’re just making great music, and for us, we’re never on cruise control, and we’re never dialing or phoning it in,” he affirms. “We worked as hard on this record as we did on my very first one, and I think that shows. I feel like God’s given us favor on this music, and we’re getting lots of amazing feedback from people, which is exciting and why we make the records in the first place. I can say all I want about them, but it’s what the people think about the music that really matters, and it seems like they’re loving it!”

Insight aside, a conversation with Tomlin can’t be complete without asking him about future plans outside of the music industry, and he’s quick to oblige with the scoop on an exciting new ministry endeavor. Though he’s been a worship leader at Austin Stone Community Church, there’s a new body of worship in the works alongside some of his most frequent collaborators.

“It’s called The Passion Church, though we don’t know when [it will open] or where, other than we know it’s gonna be in Atlanta,” he adds. “My friend Matt Redman is with me on this, Nathan and Christy Nockels; and Louie Giglio, of course, is going to be the pastor. We’re very excited, and it’s something we’ve been wanting to do for quite a while!”

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**This interview first published on September 9, 2008.