Michael:  Yeah, Tony Hale. He’s a believer. Initially, I try to set things up and then one thing leads to another and this person knows that person. You have to massage this stuff awhile and get somebody on your side when you’re raising millions of dollars. In this case, what is it?

Ryan:  1.4 million.

Michael:  Sometimes it takes e-mailing two, three or four times. Just like the record business, you just have to get out and hit the streets. You have to really, really want it.

The tough thing is it’s your first film. Ryan is going to direct. Who’s going to invest? Who is going to give 1.4 [million] to a director who’s never directed a film before?  But hey, Spielberg directed his first film. And so did [George] Lucas.

And with C2, we’ll see how they do.

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*This interview first published on August 22, 2008.