She may be known as the woman at the forefront of the modern worship revolution and the songwriter of the hugely popular worship anthem, "Shout to the Lord," but Darlene Zschech most relishes her role as a mother. "I think when you're a mum," says Zschech, "you feel the genuine call of God and the task at hand. There's definitely an anointing. My children astound me but it's the goodness of God, it's a favor of God."


Having just released her first solo studio project, Kiss of Heaven, Zschech took a few moments to reflect on the delicate balance between work and family. "The second half of the year is always busy with touring," says Zschech. "The first half I really stay at home. I establish the girls in school and work on recording. It's a great time of year to focus on teaching, you know, bedding everything down, making it strong."


Her three daughters, ages 14, 10 and 2, even get to travel with mom and dad - on occasion. "We come in a pack," Zschech says, laughing. "We made a decision a few years ago that we don't want to go down the same path that we've seen so many other people go down, which is why my husband, Mark, travels with me as much as possible. I can't take the girls on the road all the time. Amy now is in junior high and she needs to be at home more. But I have a limit set when I'll be at home certain times of the year. I just don't break that."


Somewhat appropriately - given her penchant for mothering - part of the world will see Zschech as "eternally pregnant." She elaborates: "When I was very pregnant, I was working on the album You Are My World. I said, 'Look, I've got this army of awesome people. Any one of those people could lead this' and my pastor said, 'No I want you to lead it.' So I apologized to our team and said, 'I know I'm fat and fabulous! But I truly feel so empowered to lead.' I felt empowered to help other women who are pregnant, who people are putting out to pasture, which is sad because they're just being part of one of the greatest miracles we see on earth. I think now on television I will be eternally pregnant because people use videos from that project all the time."


Kiss of Heaven, Zschech's first solo recording, is the latest reflection of her love of family and God. "While the album will certainly come to mean many things to many people, its message and meaning are simple," Zschech explains. "It's just the love of my family, my adoration of my God, and my love of music. It's me. It's the things that are valuable to me." 


One of the tracks, "Beautiful Savior," was recorded in honor of her grandfather for his 93rd birthday. "Heaven On Earth" reflects Zschech's own story: "It's a very strong song; it's a bit more about my testimony. It looks like it's 'rags to riches' but that's not what it is at all. It's finding Jesus and He's given you wings to fly and it must be heaven on earth."