The band started thinking about music and its role in social change. The recent Red Campaign got their attention; several large corporations channeled their focus together to raise awareness on poverty (third world debt) and suffering (AIDS), and in so doing were actually aligning themselves with the very mission of the church.

This discussion was going on as the members of DCB began writing the album. They gave themselves the challenge of, How can we then make music that fits? How can we use music in a way that both facilitates enunciation of where we are now and, at the same time, point in a direction that will make a difference?

“It was a much harder task than initially thought,” Crowder says. “It’s really a hard thing to make a song that has really grand ideas of justice and not sound trite. That was our intent, but to pack these big ideas into four minutes is hard.”

One listen to Remedy’s closing number with these goals in mind might lead one to believe with hope that the whole world is indeed “about to change.”

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