And Now for the Rest of the Story …

Aside from a study of the tension between life and death and the tragedy we often face, not to mention a foray into a new genre, the making of "A Collision" also gave fans — some more so than others – a rare look into the recording process. Most of the album was tracked in Crowder’s barn behind his Waco, Texas, home. For those not familiar, this is far from your ordinary barn. It’s actually the birthplace of Crowder’s favorite beverage:  Dr Pepper. According to Crowder, the barn was built in 1885 by Waco corner drugstore owner and alchemist Wade Morrison. And it was Morrison who debuted the drink at his store, a story the Pepper-loving Crowder loves to tell.

During the making of the album, Crowder utilized recent technology and created his own reality show of sorts by documenting the entire process. “We checked in with Weblogs and had four Webcams running 24 hours a day for four weeks,” he recalls.

For some lucky fans in particular, the behind-the-scenes access became up close and personal. “Near the end of our tracking, I posted an invitation to those ‘tuning in’ to join us in the fun for some Texas barbeque and group singing,” says Crowder. The result? Let’s just say more people showed up than Crowder and his wife, Toni, had bargained for.

While he was discreet about giving out his home address online and assured his wife that only a few people would probably see the impromptu invite anyway, more than 150 fans traveled from California, Tennessee, Georgia and beyond to hang out at Crowder’s barn. It was a memorable night to say the least.

“Of course I won’t be able to do this ever again, but it truly was amazing,” Crowder enthuses. Among the highlights? “There was a 10-foot-tall barbeque smoker in the shape of a pistol. Basically, the meat goes in the chamber, and the smoke comes out of the barrel. It was true Texas indulgence.”

And for this proud Texan, he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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