She continues, "In 2001, I rededicated my life to Christ on a missions trip to Brazil, and I finally felt that change that I constantly saw in those teens' eyes."

Sarah calls the group's debut project, "a seeker album, in that it's very introspective and has a lot of personal realizations in the mix…We want everyone to see the joy you can have in Christ, no matter what the circumstances."

Likewise, Amber speaks knowingly about the transformation that can come from living faith.  "My sisters were pretty outspoken when we started the group, but I had a real problem with social anxiety.  It was a big deal for me to get up on a stage, let alone share the Gospel.  But I can give testimony to the fact that God can take a person out of her shell to become who He wants her to be."

Balancing such spiritual depth and clear purpose, one must not forget that the Ross sisters are also prime-of-life young people who love to have pure nonsensical fun.  Julia matter-of-factly describes the group's onstage presence as, "Total crazy attitude, rock and roll, lots of energy."  And when asked to name her youngest sister's best habit, Amber says, "Laughing.  It's contagious, we'll be laughing for 20 minutes because of Julia and then realize we don't know why we started!"

Modern Christian music fans will just be glad that Everlife started, despite their curious beginning.

"Yes, I was the nine year-old that had the crazy idea of starting a band," concludes Julia.  "I didn't actually think that my sisters would want to go along with it though.  Only because the next day I would have probably wanted to go up in space or something crazy like that!  But there was something about it all.  It was a choice that the three of us made, and we've stuck to it, obviously."

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