The Eighth Tuesday
We Talk About Love

MS: Love. What is it? And how is it best experienced?
GC: For me, I can't stray very far away from I John, "God is love." I have felt and experienced His love and my imitation of His love. I much prefer His love. It's best experienced, oddly enough, alone. Alone in His presence. That's not to diminish the experience of sharing it with a wife or kids or friends or anybody. But the most precious experience to me is [when I'm] alone.

MS: How would you describe that to somebody? That experience of God's love when you're alone...
GC: Let's see... It's an aloneness that you can feel in a crowd of people, where you feel singularly blessed. I felt it in the delivery room when my son came into the world. There with doctors and nurses...and very obviously his mother... The doctor allowed me to do the last part of the delivery. And the second he came free from his mother, I felt like someone had poured warm honey on top of my head. There, holding this baby in my arms, in a room filled with people, I was alone and I was blessed.

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