Sonically, it sounded great because the guys we were working with are very professional, but we lost the element of being a band. So it was more like 'Songs recorded by guys who happen to be in a band together.' I never said that at the time because you learn some of these things only in hindsight.

CMCentral:  So you felt more focused in your vision for what you wanted this time around?

Daniel:  Yeah, that's what I should have said. That's the opposite of what we were going for this time. The four of us were together in arrangements and pre-production. When Justin was in recording drums, we were in there supporting him and throwing out different kick patterns and all that stuff. It's all small but it's what adds up to make you believe in it. It could just be me, but I think it makes us more of a band than ever before.

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**This interview first published on December 31, 2009.