Another way NewSong has reached out to a broader audience is through its “Winter” and “Summer JAM” tours, founded by the band in 1995. The concerts feature a variety of music and styles, and for every veteran act on the stage, there are also newcomers like Detour 180, Todd Agnew, Royal Ruckus and Mizzie who were most recently on the bill. “Six or seven years ago nobody else was touring in the winter,” says Carswell. “It was a great thing God gave us to do. We’d usually have five or six buddies out with us. It was typical to have crowds of 5,000 or so in the winter. We’ve had 15,000 before. You show up and pay $10. If somebody doesn’t have it, we let them in anyway.”

When asked about the crowds that come to hear NewSong’s music today, Carswell says, “It’s just like our record. I think people are looking for a little more life. They’re stressed, they’re pulled, and they’re torn. Rick Warren says in "The Purpose Driven Life" that, ‘God puts enough time in our life to do His will.’ Everything else is just stuff we’re throwing in there. We just need to base our decisions on God’s will and allow Him to put more of Himself in our day and less of the chaos.”

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