from Jenny Rogers @ Malaco Christian Distribution/Freedom Records:
rec'd 2/1 @ 8:42am

Actually, as a small company, it is easy to feel that the Dove's are totally political. Our company's votes don't count for as many as say...Word's. I feel that probably each label would mostly only consider their own artists for nomination even if other artists had greater merit in a category. Everybody wants to see their artists win win win. Winning is fun, but measured against what?

I think any award has greater value when everyone steps up to the plate on even ground. I don't know how to do this-I just don't have time to think about it. We'd love to have an artist nominated but don't really care that none are. Our focus is to get the gospel message out through the lives and work of our artists. I hope none of us forget that here. It is a constant struggle to be in the political radio pit and up against so many big guys, but I believe if we are forthright and work hard and keep looking to God for guidance, the work we are striving to do for Him through our artists, will be noticed by those who need it. And that's what counts-Ultimately-the most.

God bless and warm regards.

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