CCM:  So tangibly what does that look like?

Joy:  We're recording new music right now. We were in the studio until late last night, and we'll be coming out with future EPs; and then the next process after a couple EPs will be a full-length album. I'm starting to go out on the road in March with a couple shows and just getting back into the groove of what the road looks like. We have to figure out where this music fits best—whether in coffee shops or colleges or clubs or a “Hotel Cafe Tour” kind of vibe. We're figuring all of this out and just continuing to watch the EP sell online and figuring out ways to distribute it now.

CCM:  So Joy Williams fans can expect several intervals of new music then?

Joy:  We're working on doing a new song every month with a new website launching called Brite Revolution. More details are coming on that, but it will be a website to subscribe to and get unlimited, exclusive music once a month from a bunch of different artists. So I'll be recording a new song each month. Then I'm also working on another EP right now, so there will be some consistent deals for music coming up. [Laughs]

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**This feature first published on March 12, 2009.