A new album isn’t the only thing the band has to be excited about, as Leeland has also changed their lineup. “The newest member is Matt Campbell,” states Leeland. “Our last guitarist wanted to move on and do some other things. It was all cool. So we just prayed that God would provide somebody and we talked to Matt about it, and Matt was actually feeling that there was a change coming in his life. We’ve had a lot of fun, and he’s like a little kid on the road just like I am. So that only makes the experience better.”

The biggest changes, however, are found in the personal lives of the band members. Two of the band’s members are already married—including Jack, who recently married Michael W. Smith’s daughter, Whitney. The band’s remaining bachelors are tying the knot this winter during a bit of downtime from life on the road.

“We’re just all like family, so it’s cool to be experiencing this together,” says Jack. “We can be accountable and encourage each other.” Additionally, he jokes, “We’re also the wedding singers for each other.”

For all the album sales and awards, the critical acclaim or experience, it all comes back to one main agenda for the band:  “We’ve been saying this for the last year that our band is trying to raise up a new generation of young worshippers who aren’t scared to live different than the world—who aren’t scared to live the opposite way,” says Jack. “We’ve grown up in church and heard these things our whole lives, that we need to be different and stand up. But now that we’ve been on the road for a year and a half, we’ve really seen the need for that. We need people in our generation to stand up and live like God, even if it makes us look crazy.”


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