Artist:   Nichole Nordeman
Label:  Sparrow Records

Although it’s a little odd at first to hear applause following such familiar Nichole Nordeman tracks as “Holy” during this recently recorded Dallas, Texas, concert, nothing about her new release — except for, perhaps, the presence of a live audience — sets it apart as an essential purchase. Wise consumers are advised to buy one of Nordeman’s previous three studio albums, instead.

"Live at the Door" commits at least two glaring errors of omission: First, it contains only a stingy eight tracks at a time when most other CDs at least double that tally. Second, one hears no spoken song introductions from Nordeman. And since she is such a smart and heartfelt songwriter, this CD could have added a little extra insight into the stories behind this special artist’s quality musical creations.

So for now, at least, the best way to enter Nordeman’s world is still through the studio door.

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