CCM:  You have strong ties to Christian music, having performed with the likes of Michael W. Smith and sharing managers with Amy Grant. Why not go the “ccm” or gospel route?

Doolittle:  I always loved all kinds of music. I grew up listening to Motown—that retro-soul sound—blues, jazz, “ccm,” gospel, all different kinds. What I’m excited about on my new album is that I think it encompasses all of that. What’s most exciting to me is that I’m able to go back to the roots of what I grew up with.

CCM:  Coming Back to You is strictly soul and classic R&B. What kind of feedback have you received from your faith-based audience thus far? Do they “get” where you're coming from?

Doolittle:  I have had amazing feedback from the faith-based audience. The main thing I hear is, “Thank you for staying true to yourself.” I think most people who listen to the CD get a chance to hear my heart all the way through, whether I talk about life, love or my faith, as I do in the songs “I Will Be” and “We Will Find a Way.”

CCM:  You’ve always been very vocal about your faith. Have you found yourself “toning it down,” so to speak, especially around mainstream fans?

Doolittle:  I am who I am. I love to sing. I love when I get a chance to do what I do. I love God. And that is a part of who I am. I don’t want to change who I am. I don’t want to make it any different than it has been all along. The coolest part about it is that me just being me has really opened the door for me to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life.

CCM:  Changing the subject, what do you think of the current season of American Idol? Are you following it? Any favorites or dark horses you're rooting for?

Doolittle:  I love American Idol. I think it’s an amazing show, and I’m so grateful for it; so of course I am keeping up! I love Allison—she is phenomenal!

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**This feature first published on May 21, 2009