I believe when you get that message you will automatically get out of the walls of the church. That’s when [the church] will become hands and feet. They’ll go out and open up orphanages. They’ll go build a house for Habitat, and they’ll mentor a kid in boys club or a girl with a drug addiction.

Because it’s not about you; it’s not about the job; it’s not about the car; and it’s not about the house you live in. You just become very secure in who you are, and then you want to go out and change the world, because you realize it’s not about you.

CMP:  So it’s a response to the reception of Grace?

Michael:  It’s a response. It’s not performance. I’m not saying there are not ramifications for sin. My dad loved me well. If I broke the law—if I broke the rules—I paid for it. But it didn’t have anything to do with whether he loved me.

CMP:  Celebrating 25 years of making records, how does A New Hallelujah prepare us for the next chapter of Michael W. Smith?

Michael:  I’m not really sure. And I’m OK with that. I’ve always said, “God, when the inspiration comes, it’ll come.” I’ve never fought it. I’ve never tried to control it. So I’m not going to change my plan.

I do believe that when I hop back in the studio, it’s going to gush out. I just have to be ready to hit red, to put it in record and see what happens.

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*This interview first published on November 11, 2008.