A look at the brand-new artists of 2009 hot off the presses …

New Artist Name:  Abandon
Name of Debut:  TBA (ForeFront)           
Tentative Release Date:  Self-titled EP out now; full-length out early 2009
The Sound:  Alternative Pop/Modern Dance
The Story:  These San Antonio-rockers were honing their chops locally before branching out with the outreach tour, “The Seven Project,” which finds members talking about the most applicable teenage issues in schools across the country.
Fun Fact:  The group got signed because a label staffer just so happened to be eating dinner at a restaurant next door to a club where Abandon was playing and liked what he heard through the walls.

New Artist Name:  And Then There Were None
Name of Debut:  Who Speaks for Planet Earth (Tooth & Nail)
The Sound:  Euro-Dance/Punk Rock
The Story:  At first, this act set out to be a metal band, but now with a refined line-up, the guys combine a punk ethos with grooves destined for the dance floor.
Fun Fact:  Though not every member is a vegetarian, the group teamed up with Peta2 to spread awareness about dietary alternatives.

New Artist Name:  Danyew
Name of Debut:  TBA (Sparrow)           
Tentative Release Date:  Digital EP February 17, 2009; full-length May 5, 2009
The Sound:  Electronic/Programmed Pop; Atmospheric/Alternative Rock
The Story:  This up-and-coming San Diego star was reared on a steady musical diet of Bjork, Coldplay, Copeland, Eisley and Radiohead.
Fun Fact:  On record, the one-man band goes by his last name, but for the curious, Danyew’s first name is Phil.

New Artist Name:  High Valley
Name of Debut:  TBA (Centricity)           
Tentative Release Date:  June 2009 (Canada), September 2009 (America)
The Sound:  Country
The Story:  These Canadian imports are about to debut in the States, but the group’s already scored “Country Album of the Year” and “Country Song of the Year” in 2007 at the GMA Canada Covenant Awards.
Fun Fact:  Opening act credits include country superstars like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, LeAnn Rimes and Reba McEntire.

New Artist Name:  Jaymes Reunion
Name of Debut:  Everything You've Been Looking For (BEC Recordings)           
Tentative Release Date:  May 2009
The Sound:  Pop/Rock
The Story:  Though this appears to be a solo act, it’s actually a band comprised of front man Cameron Jaymes, plus a “reunion” of sorts with a bunch of musical pals. The group is rounded out by Braydon Nelson (from the Berklee School of Music), bassist Eric Watson (who went to Jaymes’ church), plus percussion players Jeremy Taylor and Jared Byers (who connected with Jaymes on the touring trails).
Fun Fact:  The guys are strong supporters of the T.J. Martell Foundation Walk-A-Thon, which raises funds for leukemia, cancer and AIDS research.