New Artist Name:  Revive
Name of Debut:  Chorus of the Saints (Essential)           
Tentative Release Date:  March 10, 2009
The Sound:  Modern Pop/Rock
The Story:  With fame already established in Australia, these overseas stars relocated to America in hopes of expanding its ministry. In the process, members met up with Third Day who helped these newcomers get established in the stateside scene.
Fun Fact:  Third Day front man Mac Powell co-produced the band’s debut and is clearly excited about the undertaking:  “I can’t wait for the U.S. to hear this new album,” he says. “It has the ability to make you want to groove or move you to tears in your own living room.” 

New Artist Name:  Sarah Reeves
Name of Debut:  TBA (Sparrow)           
Tentative Release Date:  May 5, 2009
The Sound:  Modern Worship
The Story:  The 19-year-old worship leader developed artistically in her Alabama church’s fine arts program and went on to win several local and regional competitions.
Fun Fact:  Reeves came to the attention of Sparrow after Plumb played her songs to an A&R rep at the label.

New Artist Name:  Freddy Rodriguez
Name of Debut:  Light in the Darkness (Integrity)           
Tentative Release Date:  February 10, 2009
The Sound:  Modern Worship
The Story:  This rising worship leader has already been compared to Israel & New Breed thanks to his festive compilation of gospel, Latin and rock influences.
Fun Fact:  Light In the Darkness was recorded at the Champions Center church in Las Vegas, which Rodriquez says is “probably 25 percent Hispanic, 25 percent black, 25 percent white and 25 percent Asian; so you hear a lot of styles, which is great by me because that’s where I’m at personally.”

New Artist Name:  Yellow Cavalier
Name of Debut:  TBA EP           
Tentative Release Date:  Late Spring 2009
The Sound:  Modern Pop/Rock/Dance
The Story:  With an infectious blend of rock ‘n’ roll guitars, soaring synthesizers, gigantic drum beats and charismatic vocals, Yellow Cavalier seeks to inspire the younger generation of Christian listeners and beyond. 
Fun Fact:  The group cites dcTalk, Daniel Bedingfield and Justin Timberlake as its primary influences.

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**This feature first published on January 30, 2009.