Mike Donehey, lead singer for Tenth Avenue North (GMA's reigning "New Artist of the Year") interviews Chasen Callahan, frontman of new INO recording band Chasen. ...

Mike Donehey (Tenth Avenue North):  Hey everybody, this is Mike from Tenth Avenue North. I am talking to Chasen Callahan from the new group, aptly named, "Chasen." How are you doing man?

Chasen Callahan:  I'm doing awesome. How about yourself?

Mike:  Fantastic! I like bands that name themselves themselves because it helps. It's not confusing. No one will ask you, "How did you get your name?" Have you gotten that before?

Chasen:  Absolutely. I always get, "What's the religious background of your name? What's the spiritual meaning of your name?" I'm like, "Dude, I'm a Christian. I can't take any credit it for it. My mom and dad named me this." That's about as in depth as it gets.

Mike:  You didn't change it. So you got that going for you.

Chasen:  [Laughs] True.

Mike:  You guys are coming out with your first release.

Chasen:  Yes, That Was Then, This Is Now.

Mike:  You're kind of cheating because you're not really a new artist.

Chasen:  [Laughs] It is sort of like cheating, but not really. We just went down that road of independent label to a major label.

Mike:  That's exciting. A lot of independent records don't get any love on the radio. You just signed to INO records.

Chasen:  Yup. Awesome people over there.

Mike:  We're out on the road with MercyMe—they're a really small INO band. [Laughs] Can you tell everyone about the record?

Chasen:  "That was then, this is now" is a line in one of the songs called "Love in Your Name." It's where we've come from over the past couple years. I feel like it's a journey we've been on. I have a one-and-a-half year old back at home now. Our drummer is expecting. There are a lot of changes in the band. It seemed like we were really down in the valley last year, saying, "God, You gave us some radio success. What are You doing?" That Was Then, This Is Now is us, going through this change.

On the record you're going to find a lot of songs that are anthem-driven. There are a lot of things going on in the world today that are negative and focus on "there's no solution." But we all know as believers in Christ that He is the solution. He is the answer. So let's take that, embrace it. Almost like you're at a football game, let's stand up and cheer. You have those types of songs, and there are very personal songs on the record as well.

A buddy of mine passed away at the age of 22. He was very healthy. He snowboarded. We were very much active in that. And his heart gave way. God sent him home. When I got that phone call, I decided, How could I write a song that expresses his parents' [grief]. I was a good friend of his dad. His dad was very broken about this, asking God, "Why?"

The fun songs like "Crazy Beautiful" on our last record are on this record, too. It's a CD packed full of good songs for everybody, not just youth, but adults as well.

Mike:  I like that you said the solution is a person. I think we lose sight of that a lot. Christianity is not about a cause. It's about a person.

Chasen:  Exactly. That's so true.

Mike:  Did you grow up in the church?

Chasen:  I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina. Half of my family's from Oregon, the opposite side of the country, so I spent a lot of time back and forth. I grew up in church. My dad has always been in ministry since I was born. I'm actually still a worship pastor, going on 10 years. Since I was in high school I've been in a worship-leading role for a congregation.