Brandon:  I can’t imagine being away from your family. Do you get to bring them on the road?

Shane:  Yes, we do, depending on the time of year—summer camps and stuff like that. Some of these long stretches, usually not. And most of the guys who are married, even aside from me, have wives that “get it.” Our bass player’s wife does our sound. Everybody has their own unique situation. It gets tough if we do too long of a stretch. Every now and then it’s three to four weeks without coming home.

Brandon:  Your record comes out January 27, and you’ll be out on the road! So I’m sure we are all looking forward to seeing what happens with Julian Drive. Tell us how we can find out more info on you guys.

Shane:  You can go to our website ( or our MySpace, (

Brandon:  Well, Happy New Year! Here’s to 2009 being a great year for you guys! Hopefully I will get to see you in person soon. If not, I will see you in April for GMA!

Shane:  Yes, we will be there! Thanks!

To listen to Brandon’s full interview with Shane, click here.

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**This feature first published on January 26, 2009.