Brandon:  A lot of people will be excited to hear the song, and it came out when?

Mike:  Last Monday.

Brandon:  The name of the band is MIKESCHAIR. Tell me about the name of the band. I know the story, but tell [fans] where that comes from.

Mike:  Well, there's an actual chair, first of all. It's actually funny. Before people know the story, they always come up to me, and they try to tell me what they think it means. And they have these amazing, spiritual, biblical stories; and I wish we had a story like that, but we don't. There is an actual chair with my name on it. In those first couple weeks at Belmont, all of us lived in the same dorm, but I was the only one on a different floor. Naturally, I was spending all my time with these guys, and we were up till who knows what time writing and playing music. I was just bumming around on everyone's floor, and so finally the guys, when I was at class, got me this chair so I would have something down there that was mine! So I wrote my name on it, and every time we write music or we play, it's a reminder of where this started and the faithfulness of God in those first couple weeks.

Brandon:  And the deeper meaning stops there?

Mike:  Just a chair with my name on it!

Brandon:  Have I ever seen the chair?

Mike:  You might have. The cool thing is that we incorporated it in the photo shoots, so people will see the actual chair.

Brandon:  MIKESCHAIR is the kind of band that ... Well, you guys have a fiddle. Or do you call it a violin?

Mike:  We call it a violin, but it depends on what part of the country you're in. In Texas, we will always be corrected. In Texas, it's a fiddle, but everywhere else it's a violin.

Brandon:  Jesse is your fiddle player. Tell us about Jesse.

Mike:  One of the coolest things about MIKESCHAIR is that we are so different. When I say "different," that's everything-that's personality, musical taste, how we grew up, where we grew up. We each kind of bring our own thing to the table, and Jesse is the kid that started playing violin when he was 4. He is our resident crazy, fun, energetic guy who loves anything different or experimental. He went from just playing violin to "What would happen if I threw guitar effects on my violin?" So now he's gone from violin-guy to utility, weird noise...anything that sounds different on the record is all from Jesse.

Brandon:  Well, he's definitely one of the most exciting things on stage. ... He's jumping around playing his different instruments. And you are jumping around yourself! I take notes from you when it comes to performing, because what you do well is engage the audience. You're the lead singer, but tell us about the other guys.

Mike:  John on bass is everything you'd expect from a bass player. It's funny because he is the bass, the solid thing in the band, and he is that in personality. John is the resident father in the band, the one we look to for permission for stuff. He's taller than everyone else! He's a lot of fun on stage. Then you have Sam who's on guitar, and he is the resident rock guy. Grew up in Atlanta, and he grew up on Steely Dan, into his favorite stuff now, which is anything with heavy guitars.

Brandon:  Tell me about your drummer.

Mike:  Our drummer, Nate, is a great dude. He's one of the latest additions to the band. He went to Belmont as well, and we grew up with Nate. As a band we just loved him. And there came a time when we needed a drummer, and Nate was there. It's amazing how God sets things up when you're not expecting it. Nate is incredibly fun to watch, and he loves what he's doing. He's a blessing to have.