Brandon:  Well, it was fun watching you rehearse a few days ago. I have been listening [to your music] since July. I am excited about people finding out about you. We lived next door to each other for a while. You guys are still living in East Nashville?

Mike:  Yeah, one of the coolest things about living in the part of Nashville that you and I both have lived in is it's been eye-opening as far as the need not just throughout the world, but in our own country. It's been a daily reminder that we have people in our lives who constantly remind us of the blessings that we have. And as a band, once you have seen firsthand, you can't pretend like they don't exist. It has affected the mission of MIKESCHAIR in that we can't just do music. It can't just be about us getting out and doing shows. We have seen across the street of where you and I used to live, they do a food drive, and it's amazing how many people come out to get canned food and bread-things that are just normal for the rest of us. It has challenged us to figure out ways to be a part of the fight. We partnered up with Food for the Hungry to go in and be a part of our shows. You know-even our music-we just hope that it challenges people to get involved. That has all been birthed out of where I lived in Nashville.

Brandon:  The same for me, and the blessings from the people that we've met in our own neighborhood. I know how you guys have served the people that lived in our neighborhood. That's what is cool; you are servants. And that's going to affect your ministry and your music. Not only do you make great music, you have great hearts. I can't wait for people to hear you. "Can't Take Away" is the first single, and the record is self-titled. We don't know the release date, but it will be coming out soon. Well man, thanks for hanging out with me. Before you go, tell everybody where they can find out about your music and your tour dates.

Mike:  They can visit or Thanks!

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