Where in the World is Rebecca St. James?

It’s a question that’s been fodder for discussion on many a Christian music message board in the past few months, and really not an entirely inappropriate query considering that Rebecca St. James’ last album, aLIVE in Florida, was more of a retrospective collection of greatest hits and fan favorites than your typical new release. But for those wondering when a new project from Ms. St. James will emerge, well, I’ve got good news and bad news.
While there isn’t a release date set in stone, (the bad news) St. James says that during her recent sabbatical, she acquired a fresh love of music (the good news). “It’s funny because since I do music for a living, I don’t really find myself listening to much in my free time,” St. James explains. “When I’m back home driving in my car, I’ve wanted silence. Over the years, I’ve talked to musicians that felt exactly the same way. But when I had some time away from it all, I was able to enjoy new music and really get a fresh passion for it.”
Inspired by the likes of Feist, the soundtrack from the Indie breakout flick Once and a local Nashville act called Paper Route, St. James expects her latest work to have more musical diversity than ever before. “When I saw Feist play at the Ryman in Nashville, I was really inspired by all the different instruments she incorporated into her act,” St. James shares. “And it’s already changed how I do my shows. I imagine that my new album will sound different, too, and I’m really passionate about taking my creativity to the next level.”
Also keeping her creativity in check has been a burgeoning interest in working in Hollywood. In addition to taking improv classes on her sabbatical, she’s also been working on a romantic comedy screenplay based on Christian author Kristin Billerbeck’s popular novel, What a Girl Wants.
“I’m really passionate about making quality family-focused films, and if God allows, I’d really like to work more in film,” St. James says. “We're actually talking to a couple of major film companies in Los Angeles and taking a few meetings about that. And I’m really asking anyone who is led to pray to please do so because we really just want to be led by God and if He's in it, we'll just walk through those doors and if He's not, we just don't want to be a part of it. I'm just kind of trying to remain with my hands open and trust Him.”
And if tackling new music and film wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she’s also recently released a new 90-day devotional book titled Pure (Faith Words).

“In the book I’m really emphasizing purity of the mind, body and heart,” St. James shares. “Purity really comes from your heart, so it's kind of getting the heart into gear so that we can live out purity in a culture that's telling us to do the exact opposite. The book is meant to be really practical and relational. It's a 90-day devotional book with stories from my life but also digs deeper into the questions and Bible verses that can take somebody deeper each day with God.”

For more information on St. James, check out her personal website and blog at www.rsjames.com.