Bonus content, including a music video with Nicole C. Mullen and a personal interview hosted by actress Hunter Tylo (“The Bold and the Beautiful”), is also nestled in among several other DVD goodies. A third release (following "Love Thy Neighbor" and "’Tis the Reason"), "Jealous Fellas," debuted earlier this year.

The Praise Baby Collection: Music for Baby’s Spirit & Mind
Flicker Records
Like Baby Einstein and other “edutainment” lines that target infants and toddlers with their own interactive, electronic media, “The Praise Baby Collection” is a colorful marriage of imagery, special effects and music. Unlike most other lines, however, it uses praise & worship music that has been calmed down to engage its young audience.

Available in CD, VHS and DVD formats, "Praises and Smiles," the first release in “The Praise Baby Collection,” is full of songs that are straightforward and familiar. Whether you pop this in to stimulate language development, bring comfort or simply sing along with your child, Praises and Smiles will also stimulate the spiritual development of listeners.

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