CW: Are you all living in Nashville now?

Paul: Yes. General vibe of us here is like were staying in someone else’s home and we may not like all of the decor but we’re actually thankful we’ve got a bed and something to eat.

Phil: And it’s a comfy bed.

Paul: Yeah. I think there’s something that you can be critical of in every culture and every nation. And I think we have permission to be culturally critical of things in Australia but I don’t necessarily think we have permission here. And there is enough people here that’s far critical of things. I think what were wanting to do in this nation is encourage Americans we are here to serve the people of this nation. You send out lots of missionaries, well we're missionaries that have been sent out to you. To encourage you in who you are to lead by following Jesus. To serve by washing the feet of other nations. And to not really tell you how to do it or who to be, but to fan the flame of the good things we see. So that’s a big reason why I know I’m here; it's been on my heart for years and we’ve chosen music as the vehicle to be able to do that.

CW: What is one thing about America you absolutely love?

Phil: I love the fact that there are so many people here who are willing to let a band walk out and to perform for them and who are willing to give us a go at that. But its not audiences, but an infrastructure of Web sites, magazines, radio stations, TV programs, everything else that all support us in doing that. Back home in Australia there is not an infrastructure like that to speak of. Not an audience like that to speak of. So we get the chance to do what we are all very passionate about and love doing with the potential of doing it professionally.

Paul: What I love about America is the spirit of the people that says its okay to achieve. It’s okay to try to be excellent at something. I lived here for a year when I was 18, a very pivotal time for me, where built in me by some wonderful American people was a sense of belief in myself but weaved in the context of God. And that was "go for it – you want to dream son, you do it." I went home with that attitude after spending a year here and ended up being quite alienated by everyone I knew including my family who were in that way, just in a very different way. And that spirit that was instilled in me in this country when I did live in Virginia is still there today and I’m much more American in the way I live my life than I am Australian. Much more. Because I’ve gone for it – and I’ll apologize but I’ll putt past the hole – I’ll make some bogeys but I’ll also make some birdies as well.

Phil: Or an eagle.

Paul: An eagle, I did make an eagle the other day! So, and that’s what I love about America – that’s the spirit.

Grant: It feels like the ceiling is higher. It feels like there’s more scope for us to take … us as a band. But us personally as well – to a higher level – to a better us. And that’s exciting. And one more observation about America and what I love about it is, there are so many cities and so many people – and we’ve traveled to only a handful of them it seems – but we’ve probably played to half-a-million people and that’s just an incredible amount of people -- still only like 0.02 percent of the population or something. But everywhere you go, even though there are slight cultural differences from the south to the north, it’s still that same. The ceiling’s up here. You know there’s still that same spirit across the country, and it’s pretty amazing.