CW: Even though you're from Australia, does the 4th of July take on special meaning for you now?

Paul: Fourth of July is a very important day for me if I could just mention. Just because of the independence day thing but also that’s the day that I proposed to my now wife. So in many ways it’s ‘interdependence day’ or lack of independence day. My favorite 4th of July memory was in 1986 on the terraces of the capital building in Washington D.C. watching the fireworks at a private party with congressmen of D.C. Can’t beat that! And last year, my second favorite 4th of July thing was us guys … fireworks are illegal in Australia and we buy up and we watch fireworks displays and then lit them off ourselves and had a great time.

Phil: The 4th of July is a great time to remember, and it’s pretty obvious to the rest of the world even if parts of the world don’t want to recognize it, that America is the most powerful nation in the world. And really the rest of the world, whether they portray a face of kindness towards Americans or not so much kindness – I think the world is looking for America to take a strong Godly lead. And so Paul, by eluding to serving this nation, is to encourage Americans and the 4th of July is a time to remember this. To lead us, lead the rest of the world and yourself in a godly way. All of us agree on that the sense that America is the big brother, with the most power, the biggest stick. But also the most connection – the biggest cultural connection that’s portrayed obviously is the connection with Jesus Christ. If that can be translated into a leadership of the whole world we would love to see that.

CW: Speaking of having a great time, are you enjoying working on your follow-up CD? And are we allowed to talk about that?

Paul: I’m glad you asked. Yes. September 9 release it’s called "One." O-N-E and it’s an album that contains a lot of radio-friendly uplifting rocking and mellow songs that are all along the theme of reconciling with God and reconciling with others … taking a … not a political stance, but an emotional stance on the idea of reconciliation. The Bible clearly states that you cannot be reconciled to others without being reconciled to God and also states you cannot be reconciled to God without being reconciled to others – they are inseparable. As much as we want to separate them: ’Oh I took it to the foot of the cross’ you know ‘I’ve confessed it’ – no James 5:16 says confess your sins to one another and pray for one another and then you will be healed. So we are linked to one another and so the songs on “One” speak about that oneness. Jesus prayed that his disciples would be one. So this is an album – and set against the current state of world affairs – that is I think what we need to be talking about. And we may not be talking about it the most expert way. It may not be the best record we’ve ever done, but it is a record attempting to bring about reconciliation in people’s lives and talk about it. And for that reason and the fact that we’re very excited about the sounds of the songs – very proud of it and we're really looking forward to people responding to it hopefully positively.

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