The soundtrack to your next adventure in sports, a road trip or even a dance routine for cheerleaders and drill team members just got POWERIZED! POWER JAMS is an album that goes through some heart thumpin', feet stompin', good-for-the-soul, fuel injected POWER MIXES of some of the best Christian tunes around! The album features BLEACH, AUDIO ADRENALINE, DC TALK, RAZE, DELIRIOUS, CRYSTAL LEWIS, NEWSBOYS and more. If you're lookin' for a beat to give or get this Christmas season... POWER JAMS is the place to look for it!

Here's your chance to interactively experience the POWER JAMS project! Click on speaker graphic or song title to hear clips, and click on an artist photo or name to get more information about each specific artist (if available on, of course!).


"Super Good Feeling"
(big beat euro mix)


"I Need Your Love"
(analog love mix)

Rebecca St. James

"I Will Carry You"
(quintessential mix)

Considering Lily

"What the World Needs Now"
(global mix)

dc Talk

"Jesus is Just Alright"

Crystal Lewis

"God's Been Good to Me"


"Louder Than the Radio"
(linney's sumpin' sumpin' mix)

Smalltown Poets


World Wide Message Tribe

"The Real Thing"


(sequential mix)

Voices LIVE!
Guest appearance by
Scat Springs
"Some Kind of Wonderful"
(motivation mix)
MC Hammer


"People of God"
(power mix)


"Speak to the Hand"

Audio Adrenaline

"Free Ride"
(full throttle mix)

Various Artists
Power Jams
ForeFront Records