I just finished touring with Chris Tomlin, which was such a blessing! I’ve learned that I can’t do it all, and that’s OK with me. Another huge revelation that God has given me since laying down the Watermark journey is that He will promote the gifting He has given me because it’s His to promote, not mine. For years I thought that I had to “do it all” and make a way for greater things to happen. I’m so thankful God got a hold of my heart in recent years to show me I can only do so much. My job as a wife and mom is to focus in on the beautiful family He has given me. I’ve found the more I focus in on them, the more God opens God-size doors in ministry that I could never have opened for myself. It’s really about me submitting my cares, my desires and dreams to Him and trusting Him with it. If He gave me the gift, it was His to begin with, and I trust that He will use that gift in me how He sees fit. I know His heart would not be for my family to be left behind in the shadows, so they come first; and He has proven over and over that He knows full well how to take care of the rest. And it’s always more than I would have even thought to ask Him for.

CMCentral:  You recently made a move to Atlanta. How has the move and your new involvement with Passion City Church changed your daily life?

Christy:  Right now, it’s “home” and there is nowhere else we’d rather be. Passion City Church (PCC) is a place to come back to as weary travelers and know that we’re “known” and know that we’re loved. It’s family. Moving to Atlanta to be a part of this journey has been the greatest adventure of our lives, one that we wouldn’t have missed for the world. We’re so glad as we look back on even laying down the Watermark ministry that it all tied to this season. God was preparing us to be “available,” and we didn’t even realize it until in His timing He made it perfectly clear that He had this for us. We’re most excited that PCC will be an umbrella over all of us as worship leaders, and we’ll be “sent out” each time we go with the power of some pretty amazing prayer warriors! It’s also a place for us to plug in when we are home—a place to pour into and for our kids to grow up knowing what community and extravagant worship is really like.

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**This interview first published on June 18, 2009.