But also because I slowed down I was able to find a guy that would marry me. So I got married in my time off and was able to spend time on the wedding and just all those cool things that I wouldn’t have had time to really sink my teeth into. I also sang background for Jordin Sparks for about seven months which was just one of those things I just wanted to say "yes" to—things that I wouldn’t have had time for or wouldn’t have made sense career wise. I just felt like I could walk through these open doors that God is leading me through. It was kind of this time of being able to say "yes" to things that I wasn’t able to before. And then in the beginning of this year, because I had been writing I had never felt that I wouldn’t make another record. I think it was at this point it was like who’s the right team to come around me and help me walk in this direction, who’s likeminded with my vision. And at the beginning of this year I found a group of guys called 220, that’s their company, and we just sat down and it was like, “You feel this way about this and I do too” and “You guys want to be involved with me and I want to be involved with you” and "Let’s do it." And they kind of came around me as my label, and we started a record and it was so organic. It happened really fast, and I think that was just a testament to how natural the progression was. We wrote a record in a couple months and now we’re putting it out like nine months later. So it was fast.

How would you describe what we'll hear on All We Need?

Well musically I would say it walks the line of pop and soul kind of thing. A little bit of rock. I grew up on pop music and soul music, and so I feel like that’s kind of what really comes through. And then lyrically and just subject wise I think it’s such a reflection of my time off of just feeling like I’ve had this crazy childhood and teenage years. I’ve gotten to do a lot of awesome stuff and was able to see a lot of things, and all I wanted was just to simplify and to just slow down and to enjoy what was actually in front of me—my friendships and my family and little things and that’s where I’ve gotten all my joy from in the past five years. And that’s kind of what the record is. I mean “All We Need,” that song just came from really just becoming a child again to God and like looking at him as my Father, and there’s nothing else. Not as the person who drives my business or who I write about for my music and my record. He’s just my Father. When I wrote “All We Need,” it was like I just wanted to write a song that just declared that literally he is all we need. Love is all we need. That everything else will fall into place and everything else will make sense if we can just love first. So that kind of sets the tone for the record, just that title and that song. But really a lot of the songs on the record just touch on the fact that God is consistent and he’s “getable.” You can “get” him. He can embrace you and remind you that you’re just his child, and so I wanted to grasp just that simple, childlike kind of view of God.

It sounds like you have been discovering who you are in Christ.

Absolutely. I had some major work to do with that. I had kind of sped through pretty big years of being a Christian and being a young Christian. I think also when I was travelling they were also some of the greatest forming years for me, just putting me around Christian people. I grew up in a Christian home and we went to church and we did all the right things, but I think that what we were missing was community. We didn’t have a lot of Christian families or Christian friends around us so being on the road really helped with that because I was around people my age that said words like “let’s pray” or “I’ll pray for you” and that was a huge thing for me because I didn’t have friends who said those things. Some of my best friendships I still have now are from being out on the road. Those were amazing years and great years for me to grow in my faith, and God knew that I needed that. But I think I missed some of the really simple, sweet things about God and being a Christian, and I think that’s what I got to see through time off, through getting married, through just having a consistent life. Being home long enough to do certain things once a week was such a big deal to me. It was such a big thing that I knew every Monday night . . . my brothers and my sister and I had started a homeless ministry here in Nashville [Tennessee] called People Loving Nashville. We did that every Monday night, and it was so cool to be able to do that every Monday night. And so the record really does roll back to just shining a light on just the simplicity of enjoying the sweet things like that.