“You hear these arguments about artists crossing over,” remarks Millard.  Many bands are criticized for reaching the secular market by compromising a message, but MercyMe is determined to not succumb to that temptation.  “Jesus went to parties,” Millard admits, “but He was still Jesus when He got there.” 

MercyMe certainly isn’t going to forget about evangelism.  “Our goal should be to have the gospel go to every corner of the world,” Millard reiterates.  “That’s what Christ called us to do.  And that includes going to a lot of places where we don’t necessarily belong or want to be.  But our desire is to usher people to Christ, hoping that they’ll be empowered to do what He wants them to do.”

The New Album Is Spoken For...

MercyMe’s latest release Spoken For is the highly anticipated follow-up to Almost There.  I sat down with Bart Millard to discuss what listeners should expect from the new release.

  • What are the main differences between Almost There and Spoken For?
    Our goal early on was to make sure our songs were “singable” and make sure they fit on power point because we wanted to write songs for corporate worship.  Spoken For is filled with songs that I pray the church will use.  As a whole, this album is a little more on the rock side as well.

  • Why the title Spoken For?
    Over the last year I’ve been consumed with the idea that God is so crazy in love with us—just knowing that we are part of something bigger and we worship a God who’s in complete control no matter how good or bad things get.  The phrase “spoken for” really stuck with me.  We are His!

  • What do you hope to achieve with this release?
    I just pray it connects with people.


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