CMCentral:  Well, even U2's sales were way down this year. That's just the industry.

Dave:  Yeah, it's all down, but really we're happy. With everything going the way that it is with the economy and everything, our job is still just to play music. How cool is that? We can't complain.

CMCentral:  Sure. To go back, what was it about The Question that allowed it to resonate with the masses more than others?

Dave:  That's a good question. I think The Weak's End did really well, especially for a debut record. At least for our label. Then Tooth & Nail is really good at doing first week's sales. So by the time The Question was ready to come out, because of The Weak's End's success, The Question ended up having really good first week sales. After that, it just leveled out to what The Weak's End was before.

So I think that has a lot to do with it, just having that great first week. It's also more polished than The Weak's End. It's a little more structured. We worked with Aaron Sprinkle and there was a different twist and we made it a little more listener friendly, I guess.

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**This interview first published on December 24, 2009.